Realizing ur dream!

A talk, in Seremban, together with education fair.
Me, at Selangor, went there, juz for the talk, a lecture for precise, about further study…
Am I stupid??
Transport cost me RM20.00, a whole number,
Taxi= RM2 ,total=RM10
(single journey)
Lunch at Mc.D, cleared my wallet T^T
well, the exhibition was worth for tat.
Started at 1.00 pm and finished at 4.30 pm, ( lunch was not provided, since it was free XD)
Art and Science, those are the career tat I stil confuse about…
I like illustration, but I also like physics…
How to choose…
Illustration is perfectly an art career;
Engineering is purely toward physics…
If combinning both of them, architecture will came out…
unfortunately I dun like architecture… hahaha (=_=lll)
My future, what can I do?
One story suddenly came out frm my brain this afternoon(in the ceramah):
A student who really wished to becoming a pilot,
he listened to his parent, followed his teacher’s order, STUDY HARD.
Future, he studied and managed to get a good result,
his result was the first choice for the academy to accept him,
unfortunately, he had studied and done a lot of revision to get the result,
and this made him having a serious short-sighteness,
which is result in nt qualified to becoming a pilot.
Moral of the story, does study really can bring out our dreams? (of cuz yes, hahaha… )
Does study really means everything in this world?
Does a higher study means a better life?
 (For me, the answer will be no, money decides everything! hahaha!)

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