Your bus, my fault?

Just got back from school an hour ago,
though school finished 2 hours ago. XD
A middle aged woman, no, wait, shall start earlier,
when i was waiting for my bus at the bus station,
a bus which was not the one i was waiting for, departed.
A woman ran toward and shouted at me, and questioned me why didn’t i stop the bus for her???
(wanted to give her a slap on her face right the moment)
She said i’m a student, should know/understand that i SHOULD stop a bus for her, @#*/$#^@!!!!
Who are you, you idiot, the bus came from your direction, and you were not making yourself visible to the bus driver, and the hell you wanted me to stop the bus for you???
Hey you monster, why did you blame me and not others who were sitting beside me?!
I don’t want to listen to your story of how did you injured and trying to get medical help.
On top of that, you were the one who wanted to get on the bus! And you blamed me because you THOUGHT i wanted to get a ride on the bus, so i SHOULD stop it for my sake.
Too bad, it was not my bus, and your “idiotness” and clever self-presumption had made you late for whatever you were waited for. Goodjob, and i’m glad you missed the bus.

i have witnessed another nuisane human being in this world who can’t or does’t know how to respect others. Fine with me if you are not educated somehow because of our history, but when you are not respecting others, you have lost you qualification to declare yourself as a human being, don’t expect any sympathy and respect from me, because those are for human and you are not one of it.